Sunday Services

West of Severn Benefice has a rich depth of worship styles and you can find details for the coming month here.


November 7th       Third before Advent    Readings: Hebrews 9.24-end & Mark 1.14-20

9.30am     Staunton Church         Morning Prayer

11am        Tirley Church               Communion

11am        Ashleworth Church      BIG Church and Communion

6pm          Maisemore Church      Communion


November 14th    Remembrance Sunday

10.45am      Maisemore Church         Remembrance Service

10.45am      Staunton Church            Remembrance Service

10.45am      Hartpury Church             Remembrance Service

10.45am      Tirley Church                  Remembrance Service


Wednesday 17th

10am           Corse Church                  Communion


November 21st     Christ the King       Readings: Revelation 1.4b-8 & John 18.33-37

9.30am        Staunton Church             Communion

11am           Maisemore Church          Morning Prayer

11am           Ashleworth Church          BIG Church

6pm             Tirley Church                   Evening Prayer


November 28th     Advent Sunday      Readings: 1 Thessalonians 3. 9-end & Luke 21. 25-36

9.30am        Corse Church                   Morning Prayer

11am           Hartpury Church              Baptism of Noah Meadows & Communion

11am           Ashleworth Church          Lay led

6pm             Maisemore Church          Communion


Wednesday 1st

10am           Hartpury Church             Communion


December 5th       Advent 2               Readings: Philippians 1.3-11 &.Luke 3.1-6

11am           Tirley Church                   Communion

11am           Ashleworth Church          BIG Church Crib Service

3pm             Staunton Church             Carol Service

6pm             Corse Church                  Carols by Candlelight


December 12th     Advent 3               Readings: Philippians 4.4-7 & Luke 3.7-18

9.30am        Corse Church                  Communion

11am           Ashleworth Church          BIG Church and Communion

3pm             Hartpury Church             Carol Service

6pm             Maisemore Church         Carol Service


December 19th     Advent 4               Readings: Hebrews 10.5-10 & Luke 1.30-45

9.30am        Staunton Church             Communion

11am           Maisemore Church          Morning Prayer

3pm             Ashleworth Church         Lessons and Carols

6pm             Tirley Church                  Carol Service


Fri December 24th         Christmas Eve     Readings: Titus 2.11-14 & Luke 2.1-14

3pm             Corse Church                  Nativity Service

3pm             Hasfield Church              Crib Service

6pm             Staunton Church             Communion Service

6pm             Tirley Church                   Communion and Crib service

11.30pm      Maisemore Church          Midnight Communion


Sat December 25th        Christmas Day     Readings: Titus 3.4-7 & Luke 2.8-20

8.30am        Hartpury Church             Communion

9.30am        Ashleworth Church         BIG Church Communion


December 26th     First Sunday of Christmas

10.30am      Hartpury Methodist Chapel


January 2nd        The Epiphany        United Benefice Service

11am           Ashleworth Church          BIG Church




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