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“The One Star Inn” – Vicar’s bit Revd John Longuet-Higgins


I hope you have appreciated the Christmas card we produced this year. Three wisemen on camels. “Can you remember the last time we stayed somewhere with just 1 star?” Here are some questions, questions take us further in wonder than answers:


  • Did the treasure chests of these strange men from the east contain other treasures than those offered?

  • How did they know what spices made up Jewish anointing oil, or that the most significant objects within the Holy of Holies in the Temple contained gold?

  • How did they know about star movements and the symbols for a High Priest, a King and God?

  • What became of the gifts?

  • Did they finance the flight into Egypt?

  • If not, what use were perfumes with their brief half-life? Perhaps like aromatherapy, they might have relieved Mary and Joseph stress?

  • Did they know Herod was as dangerous to children as a Pharaoh?

  • Why did they follow the star in the first place?

  • What caused them to be overwhelmed with joy?

  • Did they sense this was a King born to die?

  • What became of them on their return home? Will we see them in heaven?


The wonderment of Christmas is a Christmas story offering us more questions than answers. And we are expected to join the story, to complete God’s story by an act of faith, just as the wisemen did.


Yes, the gifts we bring, everyone personal to us, finds their true meaning within the purposes of God.


Unto us a child is born, a Saviour, God’s gift to the world, lovingly, warmly wrapped and displayed in manager; serenaded by animals and angels, and loving parents, and pagan visitors too.


“Can you remember the last time we stayed somewhere with just 1 star?”


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