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An Annual Report with thanks for your Annual Support

Vicar’s bit Revd John Longuet-Higgins


The churchwardens, Steve Godsell and I, very much hope you will continue to be a church member by joining the electoral roll. Do attend the annual meeting of your parish church. We have much good news to share this year.

We have an exciting new ministerial team, Revd Steve Godsell who is a Deacon this year and who becomes a Priest in the summer, and Debbie, Steve’s wife, our family development minister. Their ministry, in collaboration with members of our seven Anglican churches and our Methodist church colleagues, gives us a wonderfully cooperative and active local church.

  • We are reinforcing our partnership with the uniform organisations. Over 250 people came to the Remembrance Sunday Service at Staunton, a service where the children had a high involvement.

  • We are deepening our relationship with the schools. Each week the church gifts our three schools with an act of collective worship each and an “Open the Book” drama. We provide 8 school governors. Debbie teaches music. And we are involved in the setting up of the “Primary Quest” multi-academy trust (involving Hartpury and Staunton & Corse Schools with Highnam and Redmarley Schools).

  • We now run a monthly Messy Church held in our schools, with 40 children and parents engaged in craft and games, worship and a shared meal.

  • We run have a monthly Family Church on the second Sunday at Woodies Sports centre Ashleworth. Together with Little Church on the third Sunday at Hartpury Church. Families are experiencing worship which is fun, engaging and real for them.

  • And we break new ground by running “Encounter”, our exciting new contemporary service at Lawn Farm on the fourth Sunday. Up-lifting praise, prayer and God’s word.

  • We are working hard at multi-school partnership. With the PSALMS charity we are putting on the “Pulse Games” for our local schools and the “Get-Sported” holiday clubs.

  • Locally, part of a Deanery initiative, we are running training days for Christians in the Newent area and in Gloucester.

All of this on top of services Sunday by Sunday in our 7 churches, and the myriad of community activities our churches put on.

Thank you for your generous giving of time and money and talents over the last year. We would love to offer you an opportunity, with the revision of our electoral roll this year, to develop your support.


We are particularly looking for 30 or more people to sponsor our family development programme. £10,000 has already been met through Trusts. £1,500 has been raised since September 2019 by generous sponsors. We are looking for 30 people a year to sponsor our family development programme.


You can do this through the Parish Giving Scheme, monthly by direct debit, which give us about 30% extra by gift aid. (Note: Anything you put in the church collection is also gift aided).


Our 30 sponsors can support the family minister project for as little as £9 a month.


Please contact me on 01452 700965 or and I’ll arrange for someone to contact you to help you through the Parish Giving Scheme process.


Steve, Debbie are I are very thankful for any support you can give. We wish you a very Happy Easter on 21st April. Do look at all the special services on in Holy Week too. There will be something for you and your family.

Revd John Longuet-Higgins



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