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I want to bring to your notice the Staunton War Memorial Rededication Service on October 1st at 12.30pm. The Staunton War Memorial has been renewed thanks to the sterling work of many volunteers working with the Parish Council. I offer the thanks of our community to all the volunteers on the project for their achievement. Please do join us at the Rededication Service at the War Memorial.    Revd John Longuet-Higgins


Revd Penny West writes:


Many of the residents of Staunton and others will realise that the War Memorial, which stands just near the Lychgate to Staunton Church, has been undergoing intensive repair and refurbishment. This is due to the generosity of local people who have raised the money for this vital work. Some may say ‘why raise money to repair a monument, which has been there for years?’ The answer to this is:


  1. If previous generations had not taken care of it, the deterioration would have been worse than the need for the recent work.

  2. That those people named and remembered on that monument would have been lost to future generations.

  3. It is vital to our future that we do not forget those who died so that we might live the lives of freedom and democracy that we have enjoyed for over seventy years

  4. It is there ‘lest we forget’


Many people born just towards the end of the World War II are a fortunate generation as we have lived through a period when there hasn’t been a massive conflict involving many countries on a world-wide scale? This is due to the massive sacrifice of the thousands who died fighting to prevent the forces of total evil taking over the freedom and lives of millions of people. Not just in the two World Wars but in other conflicts.


The roles of honour on local village War Memorials are vital to our wellbeing today and to future generations. Written there are the names of people of Staunton who died, so that we might live the lives that we have today. The quality of our lives is due to such as these, they must never be FORGOTTEN. Many people today question why we still have Remembrance Sunday. The answer lies in the words of George Santayana, a philosopher who died in 1952.


‘He who ignores history is doomed to repeat it’.

Put another way, he who ignores history ignores the Future. We need to remember this as we look at the names on the Staunton War Memorial or on any village or town’s Memorial across our land, sadly they all have one. As we look perhaps we should ask ourselves what our generation has done with the freedom so nobly won for us.

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September 2017