At home together - The Rainbow Fish and Feeding the 5000

Listen to the stories of 'The Rainbow Fish' and 'Feeding the 5000' and have a go at the craft activity.

After you have listened to both stories you might like to talk about these questions together:

  • What did the Rainbow Fish share? What did the young boy in 'Feeding the 5000' share?
  • How did they feel to begin with?
  • How did they both feel after they had learned to share?
  • God asks us to share what things we have. In the Bible (Luke 3 chapter 11) John the Baptist said "Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise". What does this mean?
  • Think about what you could share with your family and friends?
  • Here is a prayer that you might like to say:  Dear God, Thank you for all the wonderful things you have provided for me to enjoy - my family, my friends, my toys and delicious food to  eat. Help me to share what I have with my friends and my family happily.   Amen
  • Can you make any more fish out of other materials - Lego, decorating biscuits (and then share them with someone), make a sculpture, make an aquarium out of a shoe box with fish hanging from the inside. You might have lots of other ideas. 

Don't forget to send me any pictures! Either to the Facebook page 'West of Severn Families' or email them to me

Click HERE to watch the video

Click HERE to listen to a song about sharing


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