At home together - The Mouse's Tale

Have you ever been on a boat? Was the water calm or was it nice and still?

I love boat trips but I am always wearing a lifejacket and someone else is always sailing the ship or boat for me.

There are lots of stories that include boats in the Bible. How many can you think of?

It is thought that at least 4 (possibly even 7) of Jesus' disciples werre fishermen - Andrew, Simon Peter, James, John, (Thomas, Philip and Nathaniel)

The disciples would have been used to going out in boats in all weathers to catch fish but on one occasion there was a really nasty storm which Jesus slept through. The disciples were scared but when Jesus woke up he told the storm to be still and it was!

Jesus was able to tell the winds and waves what to do and they obeyed him. This was the 9th miracle that Jesus had performed. 

Jesus performed well over 30 miracles during his time on Earth but the greatest miracle of all happened on Easter Day when Jesus rose from the dead. 

Do you think the disciples were right to be frightened when the boat was being tossed about by the storm?

Dear God, We ask you to help us when things are hard and when we are frightened. Help us to have faith in you. Amen


Try making a boat at home by following the example on the video or you could paint boat pictures or sail some boats in the bath. Remember to always stay safe around water and to never play with or in water unless an adult is with you.

Click HERE to watch the video.





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