At home together - Rivers

Stories based around rivers.

Listen to the story of badger in 'A Home on the River' and then the story of Jesus' cousin John's baptism in the River Jordan.

Things to think about in the story 'A Home on the River';

  • What things can you do in or next to a river? 
  • What emotions might badger be feeling as he went in search of why there was no water?
  • How did the beaver feel when he realised he had stopped the water for everyone else?
  • How did beaver and badger help each other?

Things to think about in the Bible story:

  • Where had John been before he arrived at the river?
  • God's promised king was coming. Who is that?
  • What did John say that we must stop doing?
  • Why did the people go into the river?
  • Who arrived and wanted to be baptised by John?
  • What did John hear God say?

Both stories talk about sharing. 

  • What can you share?
  • How can we save the preciouos water that God has provided for us? What simple things can you remember to do at home that might save water?
  • Have you been baptised? What is the reason for people being baptised?

If you want to know any more about baptism and have any questions then you can email Debbie, Revd John or Revd Steve or phone them.

Click HERE to watch the stories and look at the craft that you could have a go at.

You could also have a go at making a rain gauge or design a poster about saving water. If you have been Christened/Baptised look through any photos of your special day and think about what it means to you to be part of the family of God.





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