At home together - Lost!

Have you ever got lost?

Have you ever lost something and had to search and search before you found it?  How did you feel when it was found?

The first story is called 'The Lost Coin'. It is a story from the Bible which is a parable that Jesus told. 

It teaches us that God is loving and forgiving. Although we might do things that are bad we can still be forgiven, if we find God and love Him.

The second story 'Lost and Found' is a story about a penguin and a boy. The boy finds a penguin and thinks he is lost.

How did the penguin feel when he was left at the South Pole after he had made friends?

How did they feel when they were together again at the end? This is how God feels when we believe in Him.

Craft - Make your own sock penguin (No sewing needed).

Or you could paint a penguin picture or make a pebble penguin!

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