At home together - Hedgehugs

I miss being able to hug my friends! 

It is sad that because of the Virus we are not allowed to get close to some of our family or hug our friends. 

I love hugs.

This story is about 2 hedgehogs who would like to hug but can't. 

What things do they try?

What I like about this story is that they don't give up. It takes them a year until they can hug each other but they still enjoy each other's company and do fun things together.

Dear God, Help us when we are feeling sad and help us to  enjoy all the fun things we can still do with our families and friends. Amen

Click HERE to watch the video.

Have a go at creating a pompom hedgehog, a paper hedgehog or maybe you could make one out of a potato and cocktail sticks.

Have fun!

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