At home together - Daniel and the Lions

Lions are amazing creatures because they look so cuddly and behave in lots of ways like the cats we might have as pets. But I certainly wouldn't want to cuddle an enormous lion, especially if he was hungry!

Imagine being thrown into a pit with hungry lions! This happened to Daniel because he was praying to God. 

God listened to Daniel's prayers and the prayers of the King and the lions didn't harm Daniel at all. God sent an angel to watch over Daniel.

Why did God listen to Daniel's prayers?

Where did Daniel go to pray?

He didn't pray in a church or a special building but he prayed wherever he was. 

Although it is often special when we go into a church to pray and many people feel close to God in a church, we don't need to be in church to pray. We can pray anywhere - the car, on our bikes, in the supermarket...........

I often pray when I am driving along in my car. (Although I make sure I pray with my eyes open!) I talk to Him about what makes me happy, what I'm thankful for, what I'm worried about and for things that are happening in the World. I know God listens to me because He has answered lots of my prayers. 

Prayer can be simple and you don't have to use special or long words. 

Daniel prayed throughout the day and it is often good to set aside times to pray to God. Some people pray in the morning when they wake up, or you could pray before a meal or before you try to go to sleep. 

Here is a prayer that you might use:

Dear God our Father, who lives in Heaven, there is power in Your name.

We trust Your ways - from Your kingdom in heaven to here on Earth where we love.

Please give us all that we need today.

Forgive our mistakes and help us to forgive others who make mistakes against us. 

Help us to make good choices and to stay away from things that we know are not good for us or for others or that don't please You.

Everything we have is yours and we thank You.

For ever and ever.


Click HERE to watch the video of the story of Daniel and have a go at the crafts.

Click HERE to listen to a sung version of 'The Lord's Prayer'.


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