Vicar's Bit September 2020

September Church outlook… Vicar’s bit: John Longuet-Higgins

A new format is emerging for our Sunday services.


Our weekly Communion Services are:

Hartpury Church

30th August 9.30am and 11am

6th September 9.30am and 11am


Corse Church

13th September 9.30am and 11am

20th September 9.30am and 11am


Tirley Church

27th September 9.30am and 11am    This Sunday is the Tirley Church’s Patronal Festival

4th October 9.30am and 11am


In September we shall be doing three outdoor Harvest Festivals. Please bring your tea and cake! We hope to form choirs for each event. I’m afraid only the choir can sing…


St Mary’s Hartpury, the church’s new field

13th September 4pm    book with Eileen Magee    


Hasfield Church, outside

20th September 4pm    book with Nell Douglas Miller


Corse & Staunton Churches at Whites Farm - field behind the house (Hawthorne Lane, GL19 3NY)

27th September 4pm    book with Steve Godsell            curate.westof7&


We have one wedding in September!

26th September 2pm    James Minch and Rachel Bailey taken by Revd Joe Edwards – Rachel’s uncle. We offer our congratulations and prayers.


To bring a mask to church if the service is inside. It is also helpful to bring your own alcoholic gel, although you will find we provide some for you.

We are very much encouraging church members to give to church through Direct Debit on a planned and regular basis. Please discuss this with the church treasurer.



Lord God, our refuge and stronghold, I pray for the health and well-being of our nation, and our world, that all who are fearful and anxious my find peace and give their worries to you. I pray for our homes and families, our schools and our young people as holidays end, for your blessing on our neighbourhoods, that they may be places of trust and friendship, where all are known and cared for. Draw close to the sick, the bereaved, those in financial need, and the shielding, that your arms might hold and comfort all. Amen.

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