Vicar's Bit October 2018

A Bumper Harvest? Vicar’s bit: Revd John Longuet-Higgins


I’m told this is a bumper year for bees (it was dry) and a wonderful one for wine (so hot for so long). But the price of bread will be up because wheat yields are down. Please come to one of our seven Harvest Festivals to celebrate God’s gift to us and to pray for those who work in our countryside.

With Debbie Godsell joining us as our “Family Development Minister”, this autumn we are able to, using the biblical verb, “gather in” more of God’s ripening harvest. Each month now there is something going on in church for all the family. Debbie’s vast experience as a teacher and gifts as a musician will be well used in our community.

So at the end of October, 3.15pm–5pm Wednesday 31st at Staunton and Corse School, we are holding a Messy Church Light Party. And in November the uniformed organisations, with Debbie’s extra support, are going to be fully involved helping with the 100 years after WW1 Remembrance Day service at Staunton Church.

Then in December there are three special services: An Advent Messy Church 4-6pm on Saturday 1st at Hartpury School, a “Little Church” Christmas Service 9.30am on 16th December at Hartpury Church, and a Benefice “Pop up Christmas” service 11am on Sunday 23rd December.

Debbie will be seen this term doing musical things in our primary schools. She will be inviting local toddler groups to our Messy Church events (which we hope to run more often in the new year) and to church baptism family social events. And Debbie will be visiting families in the run up to baptisms and following on from baptisms. We also are planning some social events for marriage couples, so they can get to know us better and we can support them more effectively through their wedding plans.

In my mind’s eye right now, Debbie is driving our church combine harvester. Alongside her is a team of Christian volunteers supporting her by collecting the grain and others bailing the straw for the winter. The combined effort of prayer and action is all to God’s glory.

Do please contact me if you are able to support Debbie’s ministry financially. (We need about 30 supporters giving £100 a year). And do talk to Debbie about the gifts you bring. She wants to grow her “Family Team”.

[My email 01452 700965, Debbie’s email 01594 542214]



Please bring along tins and other useful things for the Newent Foodbank. Many of these services are led by Revd Steve Godsell.


  • 7th October

9.30am at Ashleworth Church, 11am at Tirley Church and 6pm (note) at Staunton Church.

  • 14th October

11.00am at Corse Church (followed by harvest food and drink)

  • 21st October

9.30am at Hartpury Church Toddler’s Praise Harvest, 12.30pm Hasfield Church (followed by Harvest lunch), 6.30pm at Maisemore Church Harvest Evening Prayer

  • 28th October

6.30pm at Hartpury Church (with Canon Roger Grey).



4th November 11am Hartpury Church

A special service for the bereaved. Time to reflect, mourn and give thanks for loved ones. Do join us at this special service.



14th October 11am Maisemore Church

Sofia Isla Esme McDowell, parents Hayley and Richard. We offer our congratulations and prayers.


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