Vicar's Bit May 2019

“We have a disposition towards generosity”. Curates Bit: Revd Steve Godsell

We all like receiving gifts and presents, whether for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or those surprise occasions you just don't expect. Invariably it doesn't matter what the gift is or how much it cost as the well-known saying is so true, "It's the thought that counts". Another saying we often use is "It's better to give than receive."

I was amazed when I found out that a young person I knew decided that they didn't want presents for their birthday but money instead. Now there is nothing unusual there as who wouldn't turn down a crisp £10 note instead of a pair of socks, but the next part of the story is a little different. This collection of money was not to be used to buy a new computer game or mobile phone but was given away to support a child in another part of the world for whom each new day is a struggle to find the essentials just to survive.

Giving is definitely a key characteristic of being human, a pre-programmed disposition towards generosity, if you don't believe me just reflect on the £63 million raised by Comic relief this year. Now we all may know one or two people who are not so generous, but I think to be truly human, to live as we were meant to be, we are designed to be generous. The bible says that God "loves a cheerful giver", so may we look for an opportunity or find the time to give something to someone who has a real need; it could be a big appeal event, an extra couple of food items for the local food bank, signing up to the Parish Giving Scheme or just some loose change in a charity envelope that drops through the letterbox.


Baptism blankets Family Minister’s bit: Debbie Godsell

Do you enjoy knitting or crocheting? Are you looking for a project?

The church is in need of your help!

We would love to present parents with a hand-made crocheted or knitted blanket for their baby as part of the baptism service. This would be wrapped around the baby during the service and given as a useful gift and keepsake on this special day. The blankets can be any colour or pattern and would need to be approximately 80cm by 80cm. Once finished a label will be sewn onto them saying ‘A gift on your baptism from the West of Severn Churches’.

If you feel this something you could do then please contact Debbie Godsell (Family Development Minister’ for West of Severn churches) on 07752 463537 or email

Thank you!



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