Vicar's Bit December 2019

Celebrate Curates bit: Revd Steve Godsell


 “I wish it could be Christmas every day” was the title of the 1973 hit song for Wizzard, a familiar tune that we all get to hear on radio, in supermarkets and shopping centres every year. I was reflecting on this song when I heard of the Wiltshire man who literally celebrates Christmas every day of the year, every year, year in, year out.


Christmas is a great time to celebrate, be with family & friends, enjoy those once a year luxuries and relax. But what if we could celebrate Christmas every day? Imagine the joy of not working, of giving and receiving presents, of eating all that lovely food and see those in our lives that through the rest of the year we don’t see so much of. But would the novelty wear off? How many crackers could you pull before you've heard all the jokes? How much Christmas pudding could one eat before needing to put a new larger belt on the present list? And when would you realise that the reason it’s great to meet up with some family and friends at Christmas is because you only meet up with them at Christmas?


There is one side of Christmas that is ‘low fat’, is totally free and you won’t need to fight through layers of paper and tape to get to. The bible talks about ‘Emmanuel, God with us’, that’s God, the creator of the universe, stepping into creation to be born in a cattle shed, so that we can know Him and have a relationship with Him. Now surely that’s a gift worth celebrating every day so why not pop into church this Christmas and find out more, we’d love to see you.


This Christmas we have a special visitor as Bishop Rachel will be joining us, along with local uniform groups, on Sunday 22nd December at Staunton Church at 4pm; this will great occasion to celebrate Christmas for all the family. There are many other events happening throughout December from Christmas Tree festivals to Crib and Carol Services, have a look at the details in this magazine or on line at


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