Vicar's Bit October 2019

Little Footprints and the Discovery Group: A Harvest and a Sowing

Vicar’s bit: Revd John Longuet-Higgins


I’m never too clear in Christian terms of the difference between a harvest and a sowing. In the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, where seed falls on a path, and on rocky and thorny and good soil, there is a harvest in the good soil of a hundred, sixty or thirty times the seed sown in the good soil. Is the story about the harvest or the sowing?

And I’m never clear at Harvest Festival (and you have twelve services to choose from this month! see Special Services) what time of the farmer’s year we are in. October is probably more about sowing winter seed, but then the farmer’s accountant might be still thinking about the summer’s harvest. And the apples are still to be picked… it makes your head spin. A bit like the poor farmer’s accountant planning for Brexit, a deal or a no deal, or a General Election?

Well the church is sowing and harvesting right now, producing a hundred, sixty and thirty times from where we started. Here are two wonderful fields of church growth:

Firstly, Little footprints. For babies and toddlers, parents and grandparents. Held on Tuesdays in term time 10am-11.30am at the Hartpury Old Chapel - which is next to Hartpury Anglican Church (appropriately across the road from the Tithe Barn). Each week there will be craft activity and refreshments, and friendships to be made. All for £2.50. I see it as the ideal church activity for families who have a child being baptised. And we can then introduce Little footprints folk to Little Church held on the 3rd Sunday 9.30am at Hartpury, and to Messy Church (early years and primary school children) at Staunton and Corse School Hall 3.30-5pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Where does the sowing and harvesting happen? Everywhere.


Secondly, The Discovery Group. Held on Sunday tea-time 4pm-6pm at the Godsell’s house, Whites Farm, Hawthorn Lane, Corse, GL19 3NX. This is both for church regulars and those starting to think about our faith. About 12 are coming along right now. A seed planted in our hearts at the Discovery Group produces a harvest of God love, multiplying over and over in us, for others…

Do phone Debbie Godsell, our family minister, about either event (07 752 463 537). Or contact me or Steve Godsell.

We have in the first year found fifteen generous supporters of the Family Minister Project giving £10 a month or more through the Parish Giving Scheme (it includes Gift Aid). We aim to find fifteen more generous supporters. If you want to sow a seed financially, please contact me or your church treasurer [see “Personal Giving for the Family Development Minister]. There are forms in each church.

Personal Giving for the Family Development Minister

The Family Development Minister project is for three years. After that we hope the initiatives we have set up, Messy Church, Little Church, Little Footsteps will be self-sustaining by the summer of 2021. The cost of the project each year is about £15,000. A year months after Debbie Godsell began, we have raised just over £4,000 locally; with £10,000 a year from Gloucester Diocese LIFE Development Fund and the Sylvanus Lysons Charity. At the end of the first year of the project we are looking for 15 more generous supporters

                Our aim is to find 30 generous donors who give about £100 a year. We still need to find x15 more £100-a-year donors in the next 2 months. Could that be you?

The simplest method is for you to give £10 a month through the Parish Giving Scheme. This enables us to collect tax relief which gives us 30% more. (The paperwork is done for your church treasurer by the Parish Giving Scheme team).

Please introduce yourself to your church treasurer (see below).

Explain that you want to give the money to support the Family Development Minister project through the Parish Giving Scheme. Your church treasurer will then pass the monies on to the Benefice Treasurer Christine Rowlatt. Christine looks after the Family Development Minister bank account.


Ashleworth Church Treasurer -

Humphrey Chamberlayne, “Flodeyate”, Quay Lane, Ashleworth GL19 4JA 700241

Corse Church Treasurer -

Jill Bates, “The Chestnuts”, Oridge Streett, Corse, GL19 3DA 840015

Hartpury Church Treasurer -

Jim Chapman, “Prestberries Cottage”, Blackwells End, Hartpury, GL19 3DB 700333

Hasfield Church Treasure –

Eliza Meath-Baker Hasfield Court, Hasfield, GL19 4LF 01452 780922

Maisemore Church Treasurer

Gail Broady, 1 Severn Close, Maisemore, GL2 8ET 0773 952 9696

Staunton Church Treasurer -

Peter Hunt, “The Tailors”, Oridge Street, Corse, GL19 3DA 840979

Tirley Church Treasurer – no email

Katherine Creese, “Great Sandpits Farm”, Tirley GL19 4HF 780271


Thank you for your generosity, your support will reap a wonderful harvest of families who, like us, will hear the Good News of Christ for their lives.

Revd John Longuet-Higgins 700965



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