Vicar's Bit March 2019

“Seeking shapes for Living” - Vicar’s bit Revd John Longuet-Higgins


On 6th March, Ash Wednesday, Lent begins. Revd Jayne Webb from 10am to 1pm is leading for us a Quiet Day at the Methodist Chapel. The following week (11th March), and for five weeks on Mondays at 3pm and 7pm at the Rectory, we are running the “Seeking Shapes for living” Lent Course.


Way back in the 6th Century, post Roman Empire, things were chaotic and dangerous; it has been called the “Dark Ages”. In a corner of Italy a man had a vision for Christian “shapes for living” in troubled times. His name was Benedict. Gloucester Cathedral was founded by his followers, the Benedictines.


Benedict wrote some practical and simple guidelines for living in a complex world. They are used around the world. They are about the business of being alive – with ourselves, each other and God. Bishop Rachel commends them as “Shapes for living”, a way for growth, transformation and flourishing. From these rules we are more able to be true to our beliefs, values and priorities.


Week 1 Relating – exploring the ways we relate to others – our belonging, loving, caring, longing, speaking, struggling, sharing and welcoming.


Week 2 Praying – making space for God and others, in silence, with words, together or alone.


Week 3 Working – paid, official, voluntary, physical or metal, do we feel “out of work” or under-used? Have we a sense of vocation?


Week 4 Playing – giving time for rest, play, creativity and inspiration within our journey with God.


Week 5 Growing – learning, exploring, flourishing, developing, how does Jesus guide and instruct us?


I’m sure our Lent Groups will provide us with a place to regain our equilibrium in these complex, bewildering and divisive times. Let’s rediscover our flourishing self within the love of Christ and the “shapes for living” provided by Benedict.


Special Service held on 31st March – Mothering Sunday

with the new Archdeacon of Gloucester Hilary Dawson. A 10.30am service for all the family at Ashleworth Village Hall. Our only service that day…



Friday 1st March 1.30pm Hartpury Church Duncan Houlden and Alyssia Fiander. We offer our congratulations.



17th March 2pm Staunton Church of Kobi Adam Turley, parents Megan and Dane. With our prayers and love.

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