Vicar's Bit November 2019

Two prayers… Rector’s bit Revd John Longuet-Higgins

This is a good moment in our nation’s life to pray for our country. Here is a prayer written by Churches Together in Britain.

Living Christ, 

You are present with us in all times, sharing the brightness of our joy and walking with us through times of darkness. 

You speak words of wisdom into our folly, 

you speak words of reassurance into our fear, 

you seek out those who are lost and looking for the way. 

In these times of confusion, uncertainty and fearfulness about our nation’s future, we need your wisdom, your reassurance and your compassion. 

Speak to all of us now, leaders, citizens, fearful residents, those with a voice and those whose voices seem never to be heard. We lay before you the life of our nation and long for your gentle rule to be established amongst us. 

As our leaders try to make decisions that will address an impasse, Give them wisdom and a true capacity for discernment, that at the forefront of people’s minds is not political advantage but the wellbeing of all people. 

As people feel fearful of what the future holds, help us to build a community in which all feel welcome and heard and a truer sense of belonging to one another is established. 

As we witness heated argument that could so readily turn to aggression, Sooth us and inspire in us all your gentleness, that we may curb attitudes that lead to strife. 

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ who sought to welcome the stranger, to bind up the broken hearted and to pave the way for costly peace making. Amen.

Churches Together

And a second prayer for All Souls. Do come to our service for the bereaved 9.30am on November 3rd at Staunton Church.

Lord Jesus Christ, look with compassion on those who grieve.

Surround with your love all those who are hurting or confused.

Hold them close and bring them your peace.

My God’s blessing pour down upon us.

In our sleep may we have true rest.

In our dreams may we be given a calm mind.

In our souls may we experience the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

And in our living may we walk in the love of Jesus Christ,

this day and every day. Amen.


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