Special Services December 2017

Special Services in December


“I encourage all parishioners to join us at the Advent Communion Service 11am on Sunday 10th December at Maisemore Church when Archdeacon Jackie is our special guest preacher and celebrant. I shall be her Deacon for the service. We also have a special group of musicians playing during the service. With no other mid-morning service on Sunday 10th, this becomes, in effect for us, a united Benefice Advent service. It would be wonderful to have people from across our parishes waiting in prayer and praise with our Archdeacon for the coming Messiah”. (John L-H)


3rd December Advent Sunday

Corse Church        6.30pm    Carol Service


10th December 2nd Week of Advent

Maisemore Church    11.00am    Advent Communion with Archdeacon Jackie

Tirley Church        4.00pm    Carol Service

Hartpury Church    4.00pm    Christmas Tree Service

Ashleworth Church    4.00pm    Community Carol Singing

Staunton Church    6.30pm    Carol Service


17th December 3rd Week of Advent

Hartpury Church    9.30am    Toddler’s Christmas Praise

Ashleworth Church    3.00pm    Carol Service

Maisemore Church    6.30pm    Carol Service

Hartpury Church    6.30pm    Carol Service


24th and 25th December Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Corse Church        3.00pm    Crib Service

Hasfield Church    3.00pm    Crib Service

Tirley Church        6.00pm    Crib, Carols and Communion Service

Maisemore Church    6.00pm    Crib, Carols and Communion Service


Hartpury Church    11.30pm    Midnight Christmas Communion

Staunton Church    8.30am    Christmas BCP Communion

Ashleworth        9.30am    Christmas Communion


31st December

Corse Church        10.30am    United Benefice Communion Service


Special Services
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