Special Services

Special Services in October

You are most welcome to our festival services in October…



Staunton Church    1st October        9.30am

Ashleworth Church    1st October        9.30am (with Communion)   

Corse Church        8th October        11.00am (with Scouts etc) and Harvest Food

Hartpury Toddlers    15th October        9.30am

Hasfield church    15th October        12.15pm and Harvest Food

Maisemore Church    15th October        6.30pm (with Communion)

Tirley Church        22nd October        11.00am and Harvest Food

Hartpury        22nd October        6.30pm (with Farmers)



Staunton Church    Staunton/Corse School Thursday 12th October 9am

Hartpury Church    Hartpury School Thursday 19th October 9am



Staunton War Memorial 1st October        12.30pm

As mentioned in the “Vicar’s bit” this is a short service of thanks and rededication for the renewal of the war memorial (found in the grass field behind the churchyard). Do join us.



Staunton Church    29th October        10.30am

This service is an “Agape”, during which food is shared in the manner of Holy Communion. This is a tradition which goes back to the early church. The Agape “love feast” was shared without a Priest “celebrating”. Following on from the Church service we will be having a “Bring and share lunch” in church. We have found in the past there is plenty for us all. Our guest preacher will talk about “their faith and their work”.


ALL SOULS SERVICE – for the bereaved

Ashleworth Church    5th November        9.30am

We are trying a new idea this year, holding our All Souls Service for the Bereaved on a Sunday morning. We hope the timing - a Sunday morning - of this special service for those mourning a loved one will make it more accessible to families. The congregation of Ashleworth Church will offer a small choir and a warm welcome.


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