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Vicar's Bit June 2018

“So what can follow that?” Vicar’s Bit Revd John Longuet-Higgins


I write on Ascension Day…


One of the joys of writing a monthly piece is imagining what collectively we will be thinking about a month ahead. In June there will be the football of course. And to celebrate the World Cup, the church and our three primary schools are putting on a feast of football themed fun, called “the Pulse Games”, held at Hartpury School on Wednesday 13th June.


Yet because I write this piece on Ascension Day, I share inwardly the disciples surprise at what God has done at Easter. Jesus is alive and “with us”, touchable and very present, on several resurrection appearances. Like the disciples, with awe and wonder flooding through me, I ask the Lord, “so what can follow that?”


Christ’s Ascension led to an interregnum. With Jesus gone, the disciples asked each other, “what would life be like when the Spirit comes in power?”


In the same way, this June, our Benefice is in a time of interregnum: God has been preparing the churches of the Benefice for the future shape of things. Notably in recent years we have become proficient in sharing ministry together. And, in fact, Steve Godsell asked Bishop Rachel if he might join us to train here as our curate because we have this gift of shared ministry. Jesus is promising us an empowering of the Holy Spirit as we develop this gift.


Full of the life of the risen Jesus and enlivened by the Holy Spirit, our gift for shared ministry will flourish even more as we welcome the Godsell family.


Steve Godsell is ordained Deacon at Gloucester Cathedral 10.15am on Sunday July 1st. We have abandoned our normal Sunday church services, so we can go to the ordination service. Afterwards we return to Corse and Staunton Village Hall. Please bring your contributions for a “bring and share lunch”. At the end of which we shall have a special Songs of Praise. Steve, Debbie, Hannah and Robert will each share something of themselves and explain why the Song they have chosen is significant for them. We shall also have three Songs which reflect something of the life of our Benefice.


As I write the Godsells have no home in any of our villages. They will use for now the curate’s house at Drybrook. We are looking for a three-bedroom house with a living room and study. Please contact me (01452 700965) with any ideas…


The early church flourished on a life of prayer and an openness to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for Steve, Debbie, Hannah and Robert, and for shared ministry to flourish in the West of Severn Benefice in the coming three years they are with us.


And finally…


We have heard the wonderful news of financial support for the “Family Development Minister” project from the Gloucester Diocese LIFE Development Fund. Whilst we still are looking for further funding from charities, I’m continuing to share the vision of the project on a series of Saturday socials at the Rectory. So drop over to the Rectory to catch up on the discussions on either,