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Vicar's Bit January 2019

New Year planning Vicar’s bit: Revd John Longuet-Higgins

As we now know, and I write during a constitutional crisis, with “plan A” failing, future proof planning does not exist. Life is far too complex and uncertain. The future like the present is full of dilemmas and complexities.

God the Father put all His future planning into Christmas. He had no plan B, no plan without Jesus. The plan for the earth, “peace on earth and goodwill for and with us”, began hundreds of years previously as the prophets wrote of a coming Messiah and the hope of salvation. God’s people and the nations too were to be blessed, so the prophets planning document said, so God’s international treaty-covenant said.

In Isaiah 60 we hear “Arise, shine, your light has come, the glory of the Lord is rising upon you…God’s salvation has been openly shown to all people”.

Locally in this benefice – a bit like our national “plan A” – we have been planning for 3 years, planning for January 2019. However, for us, we sense our plan is part of a much older plan going back to Isaiah. For God has been calling our churches, working with Debbie Godsell our family development minister, to reach out to families in new ways.




And Steve Godsell is heading up for us…


And Bishop Robert of Tewkesbury…


I hope this plan looks attractive. And you feel it to be part of age-old plan of salvation which started with the prophets and came to birth with Christ at Christmas. Happy New Year.