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Vicar's Bit September 2018

So much is Special about September… Vicar’s Bit

Revd John Longuet-Higgins writes

This year September is a packed month of activities. So rather than right a separate “special events” I shall put everything in the vicar’s bit:

I write just before the interview on August 13th. Please look on our website www.westofsevernchurches.org.uk for up to date news!

Starting Tuesday 11th September 5.15pm-6.45pm a group for 7-11 year olds (preparing for Confirmation). Starting Wednesday 12th September 7pm-8.30pm a group for 12-14 year olds (preparing for Communion). If you know of any young people who would like to join either group please contact Revd John Longuet-Higgins on 700965. There are three leaders and parents are welcome to attend.

“Change happens all around us, in relationships, in jobs & in circumstances of life and in September many are making a change in education with new classes, new schools and new colleges. But often we may feel that change is happening in the wrong places, don't we often want a little more stability in life around us yet we want to change things about ourselves? I'm not talking about an altered nose or toned tummy, it's that deep down change that would really make a difference to how we feel about ourselves. In a changing world, the Bible describes God as 'the same yesterday, today and forever' yet throughout history, He has made such a difference in so many peoples’ lives. If you fancy a change this autumn that is long lasting and doesn't require a whole new wardrobe, I'd like to invite you to try the latest Alpha course, like 24 million people worldwide have already done”. 

We are running Alpha 7pm on Tuesday evenings September, October and November at the Padfield’s house, Lawn Farm, Pillows Green, Corse, GL19 3NX (contact Hazel and Richard 840371). The first evening is 7pm on Tuesday 18th September asks us “Is there more to life than this?” Every evening starts with a meal!

The day will run from 11.00 with two rehearsals 11.30am-12.45pm and 1.45pm-3.30pm. Bring your own lunch. The performance is 4pm. To be involved or for tickets Andrew Mitchell is your contact on 07899 902807 or email Andrew at musicinashleworth@gmail.com A wonderful day of music.

10am on Saturday we are holding a 50th Anniversary Blessing for Malcolm and Rene Harley, and also a Blessing for Courtney and Sawitree Harley married last year. On Sunday 9th 9.30am Harriot Stuart will be Baptised outside by full immersion at Staunton Church. So much to celebrate!

At 1pm Corse Church Ralph Bates, parents Rhian and David, Grandmother Jill. And 3pm at Hartpury Church Georgina Hoddell, parents Edward and Tina. We offer our prayers and welcome.

We have written to all our Baptism families of the last six inviting them to the 3pm afternoon “Family Service, Treasure Hunt and Tea”. As we want everyone from across the Benefice to join us, there is only one other service on Sunday 16th, a Communion 9.30am at Ashleworth.

9.30am the Christian Aid service at Ashleworth with Revd Noel Sharp to celebrate the last 10 years of fund raising. Anyone wanting to take on the role of Jeremy and Mary Barnes, coordinating the garden-day, please contact Jeremy 700350. The second is the Tea and Tunes held at Hartpury Old Chapel. A 5pm-6.30pm  evening of learning new hymns and songs from recent years with the Benefice music group. Great fun.

This time it is at Tirley Church. We are holding at 10.30am an Agape with a “bring and share” meal afterwards. The service will be uplifting and accessible to those who don’t do church every week.

are at 9.30am at Ashleworth Church, 11am at Tirley Church and 6pm (note) at Staunton Church. Bring along tins and other useful things for the Newent Foodbank.

Can I thank everyone who has helped with the very packed programme of weddings in August and before then. Our next wedding is just before Christmas. Those planning a 2019 wedding please contact me. Next year Steve Godsell will be involved…