May 2014

Corse Church News

The music group was in fine form at the Woodpeckers Club, Ashleworth for the Mothering Sunday Service.  Mothers and grandmothers told stories of when their children were naughty and the Open the Book team performed the story of The Prodigal Son from the mother’s point of view, the last line of which was” …and a God who is waiting to welcome us all home with open arms of love”. 

Our Annual meeting has taken place and Vicar John thanked all the PCC members for all their hard work throughout the year. We agreed to register Corse Church for the Parish Giving Scheme to enable anyone to give through this scheme. We look forward to the future with renewed hope of growth of understanding of the love of God in our parish and beyond and thank all the people who do such a lot for Corse Church.

We have planted a David Austin English Rose called Tea Clipper near the gate  in memory of Geoff Dixon who did a great deal of work in the churchyard.

Could we ask everyone who tends their loved ones’ graves to put rubbish in the dustbin near the gate and only put vegetation in the compost bin.   Thank You.

This is a poem written by a worshipper about the love of God
Who Can

Who can measure the worth of favour that will not diminish,
Of the most intense affection that no other can rival.
A union more passionate than star-crossed lovers,
More consistent than a lifetime of blissful marriage,
More guaranteed than a mother’s bond to her child. 

Who can live without this love that never grows cold,
Without this assurance of eternal belonging.
Regardless of us; so disloyal, so fickle, so self-entwined,
Regardless of our flaws, our mistakes, our wickedness,
Regardless of anything we have done, or will ever do.

Who can return a love that defies reason,
A love that will run through death just to be with you,
A love that will take on the powers of hell just to heal you,
A love that will lift you up to be the greatest you can be.
Who can



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