June 2014

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At our family service on Palm Sunday everyone processed into church as we were thinking about Jesus going into Jerusalem in triumph on a donkey. Unfortunately our donkey could not make it much to the disappointment of Alice who had come especially with her Mum to see the donkey. Peter gave us a very good service on the theme of ‘Open the Gates’ and we are very grateful to Michael Butler who, with his usual good humour and good words, gave us Holy Communion. Thanks to Esme, Sarah, Alex, Henry and Peter for great music.

The church was beautifully decorated for Easter Day with lovely spring flowers and lilies in remembrance of those who had passed away.

Hooray the Coffee Morning Book Swap is back. Thank you so much to Trevor and all at the Sports Pavilion for having us. The Pavilion looked marvellous after all the changes and the new furniture had just arrived. Thank you also to the ‘A’ Team for manning the stalls – Felicity, Jeanne & Ray, Muriel and Betty, Claudia for the lovely plants and Olive for making cakes.  Thanks to everyone who came to swap their books, drink coffee, eat cake and have a chat. £133 was raised for church funds.

What a treat at May’s family service to have Penny and Kevin from Beacon Gospel Choir and Band. Vicar John put together a great service on three themes. The first was the power of praise which we felt from our music group, thanks to Sarah, Alex, Peter and John. The second theme was working through grief with readings from John ch10 and John ch20 and a prayer for stolen lives. The third theme was God continues to love us the older we become. Penny told us that at 15 she knew that she would never be old, at 25 she was still young but at 50 (she didn’t look it) she was dismayed by the odd grey hair and wrinkle. Then God told her that he rather liked grey hair because it meant the she was getting nearer to Him. She sang a lovely song called Closer to You and told us that age didn’t matter and while we were still breathing God had work for us to do before we entered into heaven.

If you play an instrument and would like to join our music group please contact Peter Singh – telephone 700197 

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