“Journeying Together 2014”   (as at March 2014)

The Parishes of Ashleworth, Corse, Hasfield, Hartpury, Maisemore, Staunton and Tirley


  1. A Benefice Worshiping Together

      a.  From Christmas 2013 we have introduced new hymn sheet with hymns not in church hymn books.

  1. The 5th Sunday Service is a Benefice service held jointly with the local Methodist Church. The next two March 30th and June 29th are special. The first a Mothering Sunday Service with The “Woodies” football club and the second a Commissioning Service for Local Ministry.
  1. All services in August are Benefice services, involving every Anglican Church
  2. Corse Church is developing a less formal monthly family service. A music group involving young people is being “grown”
  3. Corse Church has developed a Healing Service; in 2014 it is hoped to become a monthly service that moves from Church to Church in the Benefice.
  1. Corse and Staunton Churches are exploring area the possibility of some joint family services in 2014.
  2. We have a special Benefice Holy Week series of services.
  1. Ashleworth Church has had an “occasional” choir which other church members can join. It will hopefully reform after the summer. Last year we did an Evensong and Christmas service.
  1. This Lent we are doing a Lenten Sermon series on “Faith at Work” in our churches. Speakers include a nurse, a teacher, a businessman, a mother and a farmer.
  1. A Benefice that shares our Christian Faith and Values

a. Open the Book is in its 7th year at Ashleworth CE Primary School. Another group started September 2013 at Hartpury CE Primary School. We plan to start a third group at Staunton and Corse Academy in September.  The Hartpury Methodist congregation are enthusiastically helping us at Hartpury School.

b.  Following the success of Experience Easter in 2013, the “travelling road show” has just taken Experience Harvest to our three Primary Schools – and to three of our Churches. In 2014 we are hoping to do “Experience Church” in our schools in May/June.

c.  The Benefice successfully ran a two day holiday club at Hartpury School after Easter and an autumn half term holiday club at Staunton School with help the Methodists. In 2014 we are putting our efforts into Experiencing Church and another Open team.

d  .The Benefice is running the “Follow me” course during Lent in two Homegroups. In the autumn of 2013 we “A vision of shared ministry”. We hope to run a nurture group in June after the May Christian Festival.

e.  Staunton and Ashleworth Schools have used Hartpury Church for an “IsingPop” event in 2013. This will be repeated in 2014, “IsingPop” are working with Hartpury School & Church in March and Staunton/Corse school & Staunton Church in December.

  1. Providing a Visible Presence in Every Community and Parisha.  

a.  We are starting on “Effective Ministry in Every Parish” by setting up a Local Ministry Team. The Benefice wide discussion begins on March 1st. We hope to complete the “Call out” process by the end of June.

b.  We are committed to sustaining ministry in our parishes by aiming to the meet the cost of ministry. In 2014 we are encouraging parishioners to join the parish giving scheme. Ashleworth and Staunton Church have a visiting campaign in 2014.

c.   Making our churches accessible and welcoming and offering hospitality. In 2014
i.   Maisemore church is exploring installing a new, level floor to improve accessibility and more flexibility. A new heating system is also planned.

ii.   Staunton Church is removing pews at the back of church to give space for refreshments and other church uses.

d.   We have a Home Communion team (started in late 2013) taking housebound people Communion on a regular basis.

e    Offering support to couples getting married in our churches, the marriage preparation course run in 2013. A tea – greet and meet the vicar is happening in March. Veronica Funnell is our weddings coordinator.

f.   There is a regular communion at Johnson Close sheltered housing in Staunton once a month and new in 2014 a service each month at Deanswood Lodge Maisemore.

g.  Tirley church offers hospitality to parishioners with a monthly book swop.

h.   Hartpury PCC members take it in turns to offer “open house” coffee morning once a month.

  1. A Benefice that serves the Wider World
    1. All our churches have collecting boxes for the Lord’s Larder (the food bank operated by St Mary the Virgin, Newent) The boxes are regularly emptied and the donations delivered to Newent
    2. The Tirley congregation collect for Water Aid during Lent
    3. Many Ashleworth homes have Christian Aid collecting boxes and Ashleworth Manor holds an Open Garden and plant sale for Christian Aid week. Hartpury, Staunton and Corse collect envelopes in Christian Aid Week. We carol sing for Christian Aid at Tescos at Christmas.
    4. The Benefice is planning a festival for May 2014, with a range of Parish-led events of general or local interest. This is our major mission outreach in 2014.
  • Thursday 9th May – “Alone in a meaningless world. Has science disposed of God?” (7pm Hartpury Old Chapel). Canon Dr Mike Parsons. With meal
  • Wednesday 14th May – Staunton Bell ringers at Ashleworth luncheon club (1.30-2pm)
  • Thursday 15th May – “Talking hot air! Global warming and the River Severn” (7pm Tirley Church) with Radio Gloucester, Bishop Martyn and expert guests.
  • Sunday 25th May – “Does War bring Peace” (7pm Maisemore Church) with Radio Gloucester, Air Vice marshall Tony Mason and Jane Mace (Quaker)
  • Saturday 31st May – (7pm Hartury Village hall) “The pursuit of happiness”, gospel choir and band
    1. The long standing links with the Hartpury Methodist Church are being developed to include working together on shared priorities – currently children, young people and families.
    2. The Methodists have developed good links with Hartpury College; we have held two joint service with them in the College in 2013. The College chaplaincy want our support at on Remembrance Sunday and at Christmas.

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